How do our titleholders feel about the

Minnesota International system?

"Competing in the Minnesota International pageant system has changed the whole trajectory of my life! It helped me discover my passion of self-esteem development for young woman and inspired my work with Girl Scouts and hundreds of girls throughout our state.  It has now led me to a rewarding, successful career as a pageant coach and mentor of youth.  I am forever grateful that I took the leap and signed up for this pageant all those years ago!  Life changing!"

-Mary Swenson, Miss Minnesota Int’l 2011

"Being Miss Minnesota International taught me more than I even realized during my year. The relationships I built with contestants, queen and people across the state is something I’ll always cherish.  I can go into any room and speak to a large or small group of people with confidence.  Interviews are something I no look forward to.  It also brought great awareness to the many platforms girls had and how we can truly, truly impact our community with our voice and time. The crown will always be a megaphone to get your voice heard and make changes from your local community to an international level."

-Maddy Spiker, Miss Minnesota Int’l 2009

"Winning Mrs. Minnesota International 2008 was a dream come true.  It truly has opened a lot of doors for me and continues to do so.  We have a lifelong sisterhood for many years to come.  It has brought my confidence level to a whole new meaning.  Competing 6x for this title was worth the wait!! I believed in this system and I was never going to give up!  It truly is a privilege.  I hope many more women get to experience it!!!"

-Leisha Lynne Foss, Mrs. Minnesota Int’l 2008

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